Seattle police report map

Seattle police report map

Seattle deploys online crime map that provides citizens with links to redacted police reports. Several cities offer online maps showing where various types of crimes have been committed. However, the map recently deployed by Seattle is one of the few to offer links to redacted police reports. Before deployment of the online map, citizens had to visit police stations to request police reports and typically waited an average of 12 days to receive them.

Now, a few simple clicks on the online map can instantly get citizens any police report they need. They can organize themselves into block watches or neighborhood watches. Each crime is marked on the map with an icon in one of five colors representing five general categories of crime. By running his or her mouse over an icon, the user sees a few details about the crime and a link to the redacted police report. Later this month, Schrier plans to release the data on data.

Schrier hopes a Seattle resident will create an application that uses analytics for predicting what crimes are likelier to happen in various sections of the city. Schrier said generating the reports for citizens was work-intensive in the past. When police reports arrived at the Seattle Police Department, an employee redacted any sensitive data with a felt-tip pen, scanned the report and then sent it to a server.

After that, five CD sets were made of the reports, which employees distributed manually to precincts. Employees then loaded the discs into publicly available desktops for citizens and reporters to access. Now, to generate reports for the crime map, employees assess what needs redaction on each document, then program those redactions into Adobe redaction software. After scanning the documents into the software, they are routed as PDFs to a server, which makes them available on the Internet crime map.

Report postings typically take between eight hours and two days from the time an officer writes the report to the time it appears on the crime map. The more serious the crime, the quicker it goes live on the map, explained Schrier. There were people from database management, Web and managers of Microsoft Windows servers," Schrier said, listing even more than that. Schrier noted the price tag included the ability to add other data sets to the map in the future.

seattle police report map

For example, he foresees posting call data. At some point, he would also like to post data that's relevant to city animal control officers. The police department would need to adjust the crime map server in a way that allowed animal control staff to upload their data to it without seeing other types of information on the server. Part of what resides on that server can only be viewed by sworn police officers.

Schrier said projects like My Neighborhood Map illustrate why mayors should consider IT departments to be areas for further investment, rather than targets for cuts.The Seattle Police Department is excited to present an enhancement to the online reports we launched earlier this month. This new application will go a long way to providing easy access to information that our community members have been asking of us for many years while also increasing Department transparency.

The Police Reports Map will show mapped crime icons based on initial police reports taken by officers when responding to incidents around the city. Please take the time to try out this new application. The link to Police Reports Map can be found here:. Links directly to the related police reports from the map icons will also become available.

As with the existing Police Reports application announced earlier, care is taken to redact victim and other sensitive information from what is available online. It is also good for seeing patterns of types of crimes happening such as an unusual amount of reported bike thefts in your area.

The Police Reports Map will not link to a redacted narrative of a police report on every crime. However, every icon on the map will have a related General Offense GO number. You may use that number to request a copy of any unavailable report. We think the public will find this new feature to be useful and informative. Google Translate Disclaimer.This dataset is hosted by another domain. Skip to main content Skip to footer links. Clear All. This dataset includes Police In-Car video activities.

Data is refreshed on a weekly basis. Data is records of video and does not imply that there is actual playable video associated. Tags coban logs. API Docs. April 10 Tags No tags assigned. April 9 Call Data Public Safety.

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This data represents police response activity. Calls originated from the community and range from in progress or active emergencies to requests for problem solving. Additionally, officers will log calls from their observations of the field. Beats are the most granular unit of management used for patrol deployment. A full refresh will occur twice a year and is intended to reconcile minor changes.

If a call is queued in the system but cleared before an officer can respond, it will not be included. Tags police calls for service Spatial data files of City of Seatle Police precincts and beats. Coordinate system is WGS Tags precincts beats boundaries police beats police precincts.

May 15 Use Of Force Public Safety. This data source included duplicate records. A bug has been logged and a fix will be implemented shortly.Find out more at King County Public Health. A tentative reopen date is May 4th. The City will continue to reassess this date leading up to it to see if we are able to resume services while still preserving the guidelines given by state and local health officials. The City has also changed the restrictions around street parking and enforcement. Learn more about the crime in your neighborhood and what SPD is doing about it.

This is a volunteer program that businesses and organizations participate in to help victims of hate crimes find a safe place to be sheltered until police arrive. I want to search within the following: Seattle. Gov This Site Only. Seattle Police Jobs - meet our officers. SPD Data Maps. Protect Yourself from Swatting. SeaPAL Program.

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Contact Us Phone: Address: Office Mailing. Follow Us. SPD is hiring - see job opportunities. Follow us SeattlePD. When to call Officers arrested a year-old man and recovered a handgun after receiving reports of gunfire near Pioneer Square early this morning. Detectives are investigating after shots were fired and a man was injured in the Chinatown International District late Tuesday afternoon.

Just before 5 pm, witnesses began calling to report gunfire in the block of 12 Avenue South. Officers [ The following information is accurate as of April 6, at p.

Seattle City Light (1st Amendment Audit) Re-upload

Professional Standards Bureau Learn what the Professional Standards Bureau does and review a timeline of police reform.SpotCrime's Seattle, Washington crime map shows assaults, 2 shootings, burglaries, thefts, 50 robberies, vandalism, and 57 arrests over a one month period.

The previous month crime map in Seattle, Washington showed assaults, 1 shootings, burglaries, thefts, 78 robberies, vandalism, and 57 arrests. Property crime such as theft, vandalism, and burglary is down in Seattle, Washington. Violent crime including shootings, assaults, and robberies is down in Seattle, Washington. Stay aware of the crime happening in your neighborhood.

Make sure to sign up for your personalized SpotCrime crime alert for Seattle, Washington. SpotCrime email alerts include a crime map and crime blotter for Seattle, Washington and are a great community watch tool.

Toggle navigation Spotcrime. Search Get Alerts! Seattle Crime Listing. To get started please type location address you are searching crimes for. Seattle Crime Information, Trend and Rate. Back to Crime Map. Seattle Crime Data. Crime Map. Toggle navigation.


Email address. Receive Crime Alerts Within 5 Miles of:. Get Alerts Close.

seattle police report map

Crime Classification Theft - The act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent. Burglary - The criminal offense of breaking and entering a building illegally for the purpose of committing a crime in that building. Robbery - Using force or intimidation to take property away from another person in the presence of that person. Assault - A physical attempt or threat to use violence with the intent to do harm to another.

Arson - The crime of intentionally setting fire to a building or property of another or the burning of one's own property to collect insurance. Shooting - The act of firing a weapon in order to hit, wound, or kill someone or something.

Vandalism - The intentional destruction of or damage to the property of another. Arrest - The seizure of an alleged or suspected offender to answer for a crime.

seattle police report map

View all. User Reported.Find out more at King County Public Health. A tentative reopen date is May 4th. The City will continue to reassess this date leading up to it to see if we are able to resume services while still preserving the guidelines given by state and local health officials. The City has also changed the restrictions around street parking and enforcement. These reports are made available within 8 hours after the event is closed.

For the major crimes of Burglaries, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults and Homicides, additional information is made available through a redacted full narrative. These reports are available within 3 business days after the event. We appreciate your patience as we work to update our systems to reflect these changes. A General Offense Report is the standard format for initial crime reports that are written up by a police officer responding to an incident.

Many of these will be responses to calls. Others will be on-view incidents, which is an incident an officer sees and responds to, without being called to the scene. These reports are available within 5 business days after the event.

Reports on certain crimes, such as sexual assaults and those involving children, are not listed on this site to protect the identity of the victims.

Additionally, addresses, victim names and other identifying information have been redacted from all of the reports available online. If you see information about a crime you were involved in and believe the information is inaccurate - please contact the followup detective in your case and talk to them directly about the information. If you are upset that a report is online and want it removed entirely, contact SPD Legal Unit at to discuss this on a case by case basis.

The Department attempted to be very thoughtful about what information was released and what was not. These decisions were not made to "hide" types of crimes from the public, instead decisions were made about who to protect.

Information on Rape and other sexual offenses, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Kidnapping, Suicides, locations that are sensitive like Domestic Violence sheltersHomeland Security issues and tactical information that might compromise the safety of our officers are not being released in this system.

If the event is one of the many types we do show, but the location code was entered into the system incorrectly, the location of the event cannot then be verified. In this scenario, this particular event will not appear on the map at all, rather than providing possibly misleading information.

Reports take approximately 5 business days to appear online from the time they are reported. Reports are dated by the time the incident took place, unless that is not known. The incident may not involve one of the four crime types — Burglaries, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, and Homicides — being posted online. The incident involves one of these four crimes, however, there has not been enough time to prepare it for posting.

Please check again a little later. Not all incidents will result in a Seattle Police Report being filed.

For example, the incident may involve a location that cannot be found or verified. If you would like to request a report that is not listed here, you may complete and submit a Public Disclosure Request. If you read an incident report and believe you have knowledge that would help an investigation, please contact the Seattle Police Non-Emergency Number at and provide the General Offense Number located on the top left side of the report.

If you need to remain anonymous, you may contact Crime Stoppers.

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Mention the General Offense Number and date and time of the incident.Find out more at King County Public Health. A tentative reopen date is May 4th. The City will continue to reassess this date leading up to it to see if we are able to resume services while still preserving the guidelines given by state and local health officials.

The City has also changed the restrictions around street parking and enforcement. Make a Report. You will have the ability to file online supplemental reports. If you have already filed a report through the online system, we strongly encourage you to continue to update and add information through this system. This decreases the risk of filing the same report twice, and also makes it easier to keep your information tied to the correct report number.

If you have already filed a report and realize you need the report approved quicker than 5 days - you can do that by calling the non-emergency number and asking to file the report with the Communications Section.

Be sure to tell them you have already filed the same report through the online reporting system, and give them the temporary transaction number you were provided when you filed the report online so they may include it in the narrative of your report. You must use a Javascript-enabled web browser to access this site.

You also must have cookies enabled, and pop-up blockers disabled.

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If you would rather not use the online reporting system, you can file a report by calling the SPD Communications non-emergency line at I want to search within the following: Seattle. Gov This Site Only. Home Need Help?

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Online Crime Reporting File a Report Crimes that can be filed online usually do not require an in-person police response. To file online, the following criteria must be met: This is not an emergency situation.

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The incident occurred within Seattle city limits. What Happens after I file a Report? You will immediately be given a temporary transaction number. This is your confirmation number but not your official police report number. If your report is approved, you will receive an email with the official police report number.

This is the number you need to file with your insurance company. Frequently Asked Questions Will my case be investigated?

Due to the nature of the reports filed - they have no known suspects or information to follow up on - we won't be able to investigate most cases. All cases filed through the online reporting system will be reviewed and will help us track crime trends and patterns. The reports filed online are also usually the quickest and easiest way to get a report for your insurance company. You will need either: Your temporary transaction a T followed by eight digits Your police report number Year of the report followed by six digits e.

Normally, you will receive a response from the CORP reviewer within five business days. In the meantime you will be given a temporary transaction number to document your submission.

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